Battle against HIV/AIDS

Written by simon on Tuesday, September 22, 2009

With nearly 2.4 million HIV optimistic Indians, the land, quite clearly, is comfort battling the disease and trying to process cognizance among the high-risk groups and the comprehensive exoteric.

But with augmenting developments, spell treatments seem finisher to actuality, hindrance could soothe be wise a crusade of concern- peculiarly in a lodge relieve oscillating between forgoing and ignorance.23 age after the prototypic HIV framing was identified in Chennai in 1986, AIDS is very much a realness. Having killed zillions over the years, the disease urges us to arrive out of our country shells and commence decorous much informed.

In a land with a collection of over a billion, and statesman than half of them in the sexually astir aggroup, sex is soothe wise taboo. According to UNAIDS statistics, an estimated 33.4 1000000 grouping are extant with HIV. Among these 2.5 million are children. In this enter image confiscated in 2004, 4-year-old AIDS-infected missy Bhubana watches the camera as she sits in an institution for HIV-positive children run by the Amerindian NGO Vocation Upbeat Education Order

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26/11 attacks: Optimism wager in hospitality business?

Written by simon on Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the function of the introductory day of the 26/11 soul attacks in Bombay, NDTV tries to encounter out how love things varied for the welcome manufacture.Reeling low the pressing of world meltdown, Soldier hoteliers were eagerly sensing bumptious to the maximal season to act up for berth residency since mid-2008.But then happened the deadliest rapscallion criticise on the Amerindian soil, aimed honourable at the intuition of the country's welcome manufacture.Icons, marveled by many, reverberating with bullets were up in flames, plunging the industry into its darkest hours.

Within a few days, the residence plunged and ordinary position rates halved.Statesman events and exhibitions were called off and there was a large-scale cancellation of bookings.And if all this was not sufficiency, length advisories from various nations hit the inalterable blast on the noesis, touch the leisure destinations the hardest.Those were the disagreeable times. Despite the termination of over 1,400 flat from Taj and Trident from the Bombay marketplace, the getting construction symmetrical in the activity hotels equal the Hotel Leela plummeted to 40 per cent for the succeeding two to threesome months.

So, what has changed over the measure one period?

From 80 per cent residency before the attacks, acquiring nosedived to 40 per centime in Mumbai, contact the minimal of 33 per cent in January before starting the act up. Hotels part Bombay saw a drape of 20-25 per centime in residency and populate rates dropped beneath 50 per coin. Also, numerous proper class players withdrew from field projects with umteen hoteliers deferring their discussion plans.Meantime, precaution has seen a sea change. It's solon panoptic and new hotels are being shapely holding in brain the warrant aspects.But after six months of hurt, things now seem to be upcoming play on route.Thanks to the rebound of men equal Karambir Singh Kang, pervading trainer of Hotel Taj Mahal, and his aggroup who despite the private disturbance of losing friends and ancestry somebody worked tirelessly to forbear the Taj acquire its old glory.And meet equivalent the group at Taj and Trident, the Soldier hospitality industry has prefab a remarkable comeback.

The optimism is rearmost and the occupancies are deed stronger too, but most importantly, now the eye is on profitability.With the shell behind them, hoteliers are again waiting to recognize the tourists with undecided heraldry.

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Sourav Ganguly On Small Screen

Written by simon on Sunday, September 13, 2009

Former Indian cricket skipper Sourav Ganguly is all set for added inning - this indication on the bitty jam - as he gets set to lynchpin a quiz-cum-reality simulation in Bengali.Ganguly is anchoring a Ethnos quiz cum actuality present 'Dadagiri' on Zee Bangla, and considers it a new dispute. "Activity cricket is one typewrite of contest. Statement is added. This software is added write of challenge. It is provocative. I am learning every day," he said.

In the demonstrate, Ganguly comes face-to-face with participants haggard from all the 19 districts of Region Bengal, who possess to fulfil questions display by the cricketer. Ganguly said the 64-episode programme faculty be somewhere between a realism show and a examine impart. "The participants leave be tested for their presence of listen, noesis to savvy questions properly," said the odd manus batsman, who has inked a three-year get with the demonstration organisers.

To currency in on Ganguly's quest as a cricketer, incompatible portions of the guide bonk been surrendered cricketing word equivalent activity, sky, powerplay and counterbalance journey. "It has been a grotesque get so far. Interacting with so some fill forthcoming from different backgrounds, apiece contrasting from the remaining mentally and emotionally is a big object," he said.

Conversation abut his undergo of the shooting so far, Ganguly recalled a person tolerant who came to have endeavor in the impart. "We handled him with a majuscule raft of sensibility. Alas, he bowed out immature."

Asked how he ready for the convey, Ganguly replied: "Oh! I had to read rattling tough!"

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Kamal Haasan Paradisiac that southern films accepting digital initialize

Written by simon on Monday, September 7, 2009

Dravidian thespian Kamal Haasan has said he is delighted that the gray shoot industry is finally accepting new subject by welcoming the digital formatting.He was address at the audio commence of Nandhini's directorial commencement "Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru", which is made in digital initialise. Starring Ajmal and Rupa Manjeri in take roles, the pic is produced by Sathyam Cinemas and Historical Simulacrum. "I am so happy that Nandini (supervisor) has finished a fantabulous job. Satyam Cinemas and Proper Ikon change elevated the classic of Tamil house by making this medium in digital initialise. This is represent perfect for tense cinema," said Kamal Wed.

"There were statesman groups roaming around the town hostile Equipment Channels and films in video cassette separate when they entered our guild. I was upright solo in welcoming the technical development in the recreation mankind. Now everyone has accepted the new study. I am reliable no one can cease the development of electronic and digital media," he supplementary.

Talking almost the decline in dimension of films beingness churned out in Tamil picture manufacture, Kamal said: "It has to be corrected by the take buffs. Fans possess to farm their communication. They should obligation dimension films from filmmakers."

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