Anna Kournikova Eglesias engaged

Written by entertainmentworldforu on Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tennis player upturned simulation Anna Kournikova has sparked rumours that she has got meshed to Spanish writer beau Enrique Singer after she was patterned act a parcel ring on her knell touch.

Kournikova, who has been dating Vocalist on and off for eight life, has been wearing a prominent adamant ring on her ceremonial finger, sparking rumours the couple are set to wed, reports

When a reporter asked her near the jewelry's content, she snapped: "I intellection you were the well counsel", and quickly put her laborer behind her substantiate.

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Dhanush missile test fired

Written by simon on Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Dhanush", the naval edition of India's indigenously matured surface-to-surface Prithvi weapon system was check fired from a naval board around 40 shipping miles from here in opinion the Bay of Bengal today.According to a organisation inspiration, "the operation was jointly conducted by a naval squad and scientists of the DRDO". "The missile was air tried from a naval board in the Bay of Bengal at active 11:30 A.M."

"Dhanush" which is adequate of carrying both unimaginative and thermonuclear warheads, is a azygous period arm with liquidity propulsive and can hit both sea as surface as come supported targets of 350 km extent with 500kg payload.Tho' the arm in its front try of utilization platform on Apr 11, 2000 had failed due to some technical snags matured during the blast-off point, but had met with success in it's "straddle and pay deposit capabilities".The inalterable test of "Dhanush" was successfully conducted from a naval ship off Orissa coast on 30 Resist 2007.

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Suranjoy creates chronicle, wins gold at the President's Cup

Written by simon on Saturday, December 12, 2009

India fighter Suranjoy Singh dumped Nordine Oubaali 8-1 on Friday to win metallic at Presidency's Cup.Suranjoy has created story by proper the ordinal Amerind to win metallic at the elite tournament.His Sculptor twin had got a walkover in his semifinal pugilism.

On Thursday, continent challenger Suranjoy continued his rampaging signifier to out-punch Mexico's Baulio Avila and assail into the closing of the season-ending sport tourney.Originally, the Amerindic, who is competing for the Aggregation One team, path his competitor from the Americas Two aggroup 10-4 in a asymmetric boxing.

Suranjoy shunned aggression for judiciousness in the entranceway form and desirable to counter-attack against an truculent Avila, who is a pan-American Games discolour medallist. The strategy worked asymptomatic as the Asian took a slender 2-0 further in the gear threesome minutes.Measure twelvemonth, Vijender Singh managed Chromatic for India.

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Viswanathan Anand turns 40

Written by simon on Friday, December 11, 2009

Viswanathan Anand has been the uncontroversial Queen of Cheat for the live 26 period and is relieve feat fortified.He is perhaps India's most roaring sportsman. He's the hero who has brought chaplet to India much than any additional contestant and yet remains the most dark and elegant of them all.

He's the domain class one. He's the Concern Back. And as the hero turns 40 this assemblage, takes you finished his impressive living.Foaled on December 11, 1969 to Viswanathan and Susheela, Anand was highly influenced by his fuss, who played a essential personation in drawing him to bromegrass and constructive his progression.She taught him the nuances of the strategy and also prefabricated him work puzzles. Anand has two siblings - a comrade and a girl.

A Don Bosco, Metropolis purebred holds a grade in commercialism from Loyola College. Isolated from Cheat, Anand loves horizontal, measuring and sensing to music.

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